Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The MOWOSP (Month Without Spending)

This is happening.


Save. Save. Save. 

Sustain, and possibly enhance a healthy-ish lifestyle.

Find clever ways to cut spending.

Stick with it! While money is important, the commitment is even more so. 


Does this need mentioning? Dining out, drinking out, or any unneeded spending—of any kind—is out of the picture.

Vital exemptions to The MOWOSP: Food, water, and shelter. (But very limited, indeed.) 

Water, gas, and electric will be staying. (I have an obligation to the utility companies as well as a roommate who'd dislike dining in the dark.)

Shelter- You get the idea.

Food is a bit trickier. Previous MOWOSPers seem to have stockpiled food in a spending rampage prior to go-time. (Which sounds a bit like an addict's binge week before rehab, right?) And again, my personal goal is to do this MOWOSP in a healthy fashion, so keeping fresh ingredients is a must. 

Food rations for week #1 are already in my fridge, and I'll take out a small amount of cash to use for the remaining 3 weeks. 

Transportation- Necessary for making-money purposes, one tank of gasoline will be rationed for the month. (Which hurts just thinking about.) 

Miscellaneous: Doctor's appointments ($10 per visit) and my gym membership ($28 for the month) are things I've pegged as necessities. While that last one is usually the first to be kicked off a budget, I'm keeping it around for a few reasons. Firstly, it actually COSTS money to cancel; and secondly, swimming, which unlike running or a team sport, is particularly hard to do on the street. To add a bang to my buck, I'll be able to take advantage of their other activities like volleyball and old-lady water aerobics. 




Up next:
Dinner—Sponsored By The Samples On Toothpicks At Kroger.
Stay tuned.

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